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So back to my summer vacation story which I started telling, but then got distracted and never continued till now…nearly 2 months later. LOL! Here is post 1 and post 2

Well this post will be about my little families adventure to the underwater kingdom of Seaworld. (not the one in the America)

This fun day took place when we went to visit Grandma (my wifes mother) for a few days. What was really fantastic was my mother and my youngest brother were also able to tag along and stay with us a few more days.

And to make our time together even more memorable we all went together to Seaworld in Kamogawa. We headed out the door as early as we could. We knew that it was a holiday and it would be very packed and crowded and we had plans to buy the limited tickets that would allow you to take photos with the dolphins and seals!

It turned out that we made it just in time as the last tickets were sold to us! Lucky!

The whole day was a wonderful adventure for the boys. They were so fascinated with all the different fish and all the wonderful shows that the marine wildlife put on for us.

Little Sean’s favorite animals to stare at were the jelly fish. I think it had something to do with the lights and the strange hypnotic pulsing. He stared at them for so long. Sadly he wasn’t into most of the other fishes.

Kayden and Koji (My younger brother) on the other hand were just running everywhere so excitedly. Every other word was, “Oh Wow!” We went to Seaworld once with Kayden when he was younger, but this time he enjoyed it a lot more. They also had a little pamphlet with a game in which you needed to gets stamps from different spots around the park. At the end when you got all the stamps you could get a special prize. This had the kids scurrying around like crazy. I really had to keep my eyes on those two as the park was so crowded.

Of course the highlight of the day were the shows that were put on my the Dolphins, Orcas and Seals. It was quite a tremendous show to watch.

Before the orca show started we ran into some of our friends. Our friends Daughter are best friends with Kayden and so they all sat together and Kayden got to enjoy the orca show with his giggly little girlfriends. He was so happy for all the attention.

And of course we got to use our fantastic tickets we bought earlier that day to take photos with the seals and dolphins. Unfortunately Sean was fast asleep when it came time to take pictures with the seal, but we had him in it anyway.

The seals were my favorite. Their show was so funny and at the end when you take a picture with the seal it actually smiles with you. It has this big dumpy face and right when you are about to take the photo the trainer blows his whistle and  the Seals face lights up with a huge fake smile. Adorable. I wonder what expression the Seal is thinking it is portraying. Maybe it is actually a constipated face to in Seal life and he’s thinking, “That’s it! My master blew the whistle! Must make constipated face.”

Lucky Sean was awake for the Dolphin photo. Kayden and Sean were able to go up the dolphin and pet it even. Not so luckily Sean wasn’t so comfortable with being so near a huge mammal and he didn’t put on such a great face. In fact the face is very similar to his sleeping face. Sigh!

Well it really was a fun exciting and tiring day…and a bit stressful for the parents. It was a great way to spend one of our vacation days.