OK! Just a quick post on what this site will be about.

I’m an artist and I’m a dad. I have two absolutely adorable children.

The elder is Kayden. I will call him Kayboo or Boo in my comics. He is like a human firecracker. Full of fire and life, bursting with laughter…and occasionally tears. He is like tiger in Winnie the pooh. Always thinking of a joke or something to get everyone laughing. He is almost constantly running. He is like a playful dog.

The second is Sean. He is almost the opposite of his brother. Almost always quiet looking at you as if asking, “what is your problem?” Of course he has his moments where he beams you the most beautiful smiles and he likes to cuddle and hug. He is like a cat in a lot of ways.

I started this site because Mommy, who has been an excellent care giver and teacher, has gotten a job as a teacher and will need me to step in to care for them when she is not around. Since I will be spending a lot more time with them I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to observe them and write my daily activities with them.

I’m not much of a writer so to keep myself entertained I will draw little sketches as well of our times together.

So that is what this blog is going to be about. Two happy children and me, making us the three.


33 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi, I really enjoy your blog so I nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award! Its just a little fun thing going around. If you want, you write a post about it and nominate some blogs you like as well! Keep up the great work!

    • Hi thanks! That’s really cool that you like my blog. I received some awards like this in another blog I had, but I’m just not into them that much. However I do appreciate you giving it me and that you enjoy my blog enough to give me it. I think your blog is hella funny as well and check it out often. Tx again!

      • I understand, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it myself. 🙂 I just wanted you to know that I’m enjoying your blog. Cheers!


    I look forward to “reading” and “seeing” your comments regarding some of the more enjoyable fringe benefits of marriage. I know it’s the “in” word these days, but I hate the word “Blog”; it sounds like the name for a disease that hasn’t been discovered yet. You may not agree, buy your DOODLE DAD site will be an enjoyable read. I can tell you’re having fun (and working hard); that’s refreshing. I’ve looked at a few WordPress sites and DOODLE DAD is the 1st one I that reminds me of my site. It’s G rated and just honest feelings put to paper, one way or the other. I too was an artist, a long time ago. I even sold a few watercolor paintings, believe it or not. My son, in Denver, is also an artist and photographer, he and his wife own and ad agency. Yes, this will be enjoyable for both the words and the art. Whether you win the Nobel Prize or not, just keep going with it, it’s a great way to disconnect. If you get a chance let me know if you enjoyed anything on my site. I try to post about 1 article a week.

    • Thanks for the comment! I’m really happy to hear that you enjoy reading. I hope to have more posted about the benefits of marriage. I was very lucky to find the girl of my dreams and our life together is wonderful, but it does take work to make a marriage work. I hope to have a lot of family life posts on this blog (ha! you’re right about it sounding like a disease!) and I will definitely check your site out. Thanks again for reading and commenting. Cheers!
      ps: what is the url for your site?

  3. Thank you for following my blog! I look forward to reading more about the adventures you have with your children.

  4. Thanks for the comments and likes, and the subscription to my blog! Your blog is really fun, your comics are full of great expression and are really cute! Looking forward to more!

  5. Hello, Doodle Dad. It’s a pleasure to inform you that you’ve been nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Here’s the link: http://thesofisworld.wordpress.com/2012/05/21/my-first-nomination-one-lovely-blog-award/
    Super smuack!!!

  6. Hi, just wanted to say thank you for following my blog! I love what I’ve seen so far of your drawings, look forward to seeing more 🙂
    All the best, Liz

  7. Hello, just to say I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award – if you’d like to accept the award and find out more, take a peek here: http://creativeliz.wordpress.com/2012/06/14/presents-very-inspiring-blogger-award/
    Cheers, Liz

  8. thanks again for my nomination and. of course….
    It’s I very big pleasure to announce you that I nominated you for the Very inspiring blogger award.

  9. I enjoy your blog, so I have nominated you for the ‘lovely blog award’. You can get detailed information here: https://haijinamin.wordpress.com/lovely-blog-award/

  10. Hi! Sorry it’s taking so long to get your request done. I’ve finally got the piece inked and am prepared to color it. Unfortunately, I’m having issues scanning the line art onto my computer, mostly because my scanner/printer absolutely refuses to scan anything until I get new ink cartridges for it. I should be able to resume work on the drawing in about one week.
    I hope your October is going well!

  11. Awesome blog. So many fun cartoons! And you have some really lovely renderings as well. Looking forward to more great artwork!

  12. I’m finally done! Sorry it took so long; I thought I was almost done when I realized that extra editing would be required. The final result can be found here: http://ahollywolfe.deviantart.com/art/Request-1-Father-and-Son-336083465
    I hope it lives up to your expectations!

  13. Happy New Year! I’ve nominated you for the Blog On Fire Award, if you want to find out more here’s the link: http://creativeliz.wordpress.com/2013/01/03/learn-create-love-blog-on-fire-award/
    Cheers 🙂

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