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So I’m trying to get back into the swing of writing on my blog again. Its been so long I almost feel like I forgot how. But it’s nice to be here writing about my little life again.

So I wanted to write about my family’s little vacation trip. I’m using the word “little” lightly. It was actually quite a long and busy vacation and we didn’t waste a single day or moment.

First day. My wife and I wanted to get to our vacation as soon as possible so we planned for me to pick her up at the station when she got back for work and immediately start driving up from where we live to my parents house. My parents live about six hour drive away if you aren’t in any big hurry. But since I picked my wife up at around 7:00 pm, which would mean we would reach my parents house around 1:00 in the morning we decided to sleep in our van that night at a highway rest stop.

We got to the rest stop about 9:00 and turned the back of our van to a mini hotel room. 

It was quite a cozy little setup and the kids were absolutely thrilled. Well Sean was a bit mystified by the whole ordeal and it seemed like he was trying to understand what exactly mom and dad were doing and why we were suddenly trying to sleep in the car. But he fell asleep with out too much trouble and Kayden too after much excited laughing and giggling fell asleep to contented slumber. My wife and I stayed up and had some snacks and a movie and then we both settled in for the night.

So up till that part the vacation was great…the rest of the night…not so great for me. I felt like a mix between pretzel and sardine as I tried to get comfortable in this squishy space. I failed in this quest for comfort. The short blinks of sleep which I managed to pry into my night were snatched from me when my eldest son Kayden awoke bright and early excited about the day and all that we were yet to do.

So bright and early I walked with Kayden around the rest stop looking for something interesting to do that would occupy his attention as we waited for Sean and mommy to wake up. I found a starbucks and my heart leaped with gladness…yeah, but of course it was still closed. Because all good coffee shops should be closed in the morning! grrrr…. Well if I couldn’t be happy at least my happy son could be. I bought him a nice grape juice from the vending machine, which also had canned coffee, but I decided that if I couldn’t have the best I would have nothing at all…at least not till breakfast. Besides I thought there was no point in being fully awake just yet.

Oh yes! Kayden and I also found a nice little park in the rest area with a slide and what looked like a small obstacle course. Goodie! I thought, but then we found that this park had a fence all around it and when we got to the front of the enclosure we found this funny sign.


I at first thought it was my mind playing tricks due to lack of proper sleep nourishment, but no it was really a park for pets only. Why in the world would they make a park for pets in this huge rest area and no place for kids to play? Didn’t make sense.

I know I’m sounding pretty negative about my whole wake up so far, but the truth is I was in a great mood and I really did enjoy the quite morning with my son. We both just strolled (my son was running, but I was strolling) in the quite morning air and I thought that this was a nice way to begin a vacation.

Here is a picture of the parking area and my son in front of the closed stores.

Well Mommy and Sean finally woke up and by that time the stores were beginning to open…but still not starbucks! What is wrong with them!?

We got the kids dressed and headed to the Macdonalds at the rest stop for our breakfast. We weren’t the only people thinking about breakfast. There was a looong line of people lining up waiting patiently for their morning fast food.

So we waited in line and it seemed like forever, but we finally had our morning Macdonalds breakfast and happy sets. And coffee. It wasn’t starbucks, but it was coffee.

And boy did we enjoy it.


So now that we were filled with caffeine, sugar and whatever other junk was in our hamburgers and fries we were back on the road heading toward Tokyo the heart of Japan which we would try to zoom through to get to my parents home where a nice bed and sleep would hopefully be waiting for me.

We made it to Tokyo with out much hassle. Of course once we got into Tokyo we were met with a long line of cars and trucks blocking our road for miles. Since it was   “Obon”  the Japanese holiday where most relatives return home to their families to pay respect to their dead relatives the traffic was on in full force bringing every thing to a dead halt…and occasionally a slow crawl. But I was expecting this which was one of the reasons we had decided to leave the day before. And since Kayden had woken up so early we were able to leave the rest area quite quickly and make quick progress till we reached Tokyo.

But even driving through traffic wasn’t so bad. The kids had a great time looking out the window at all the buildings and billboards. Kayden especially excited to see the Rainbow bridge, Tokyo Tower and the new giant of Tokyo the Sky Tree.


The very gray rainbow bridge

The Tokyo Sky Tree. It is huge! I would like to go there someday with my kids.

Well it was quite an adventure, but we did make it to my parents house finally. That night there was going to be a fireworks festival in the city where my parents live, but it started raining on and off so I decided it would be best to just relax and enjoy the rest of the evening with my family. It was really great to see all my brothers, sisters and of course my Mum and Dad. They were all in love with the kids and were very happy to see how much they had grown up. But more of that later.

I think I wrote enough for one post. Cheers and goodnight to you all.