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Back to my vacation.

So I was stuck in traffic for hours with my happy family as we headed to visit the reletives. We were pretty happy despite the traffic being bad enough to make a rock lose its patience.

Though it took a bit of time we did eventually pass through Tokyo. After getting off the highway we dropped Mommy off at a station so she could go meet some friends who she would be with for the day. She works so hard that it was nice to be able to give her some time off to be with her friends and go do …whatever girls do…braid each others hair and gossip or something. We would see her again the next day, but for the rest of the day and night I and the kids were on our own.

After dropping Mommy off at the station I had thought it would be smooth sailing to my parents house. I was wrong. We had a lot more traffic all the way till my parents neighborhood.

The kids were amazing though. they didn’t complain or whine at all. They sat peacefully in the car watching a video I had put on for them. Seriously! nearly 6 hours in the car and they were not upset or whining. I was very proud.

We stopped by a supermarket that is very close to my parents home to get a few drinks and snacks so we could chill out with my family and that is when my kids went bananas.

They were running jumping yelling singing. I can’t blame them, but I did try and finish my shopping as fast as I could. Amazingly once back in the car they again were very quiet and peaceful again. ha!

Getting to our destination at last was wonderful. It was great to see my family again and they were all very excited to see how big the kids had gotten.

I was worried that the younger one, Sean, would be a little overwhelmed with all the attention he was about to receive. He would be meeting 4 of my 5 brothers and my two sisters who hadn’t seen in almost a year. And they would all be really eager to hold, talk and play with him. But Sean was extremely comfortable with them all. Even if I wasn’t around him he wasn’t scared or worried and seemed right at home.

Kayden of course didn’t have a problem feeling comfortable there. He found my youngest brother, who is 9 years old, and said, “Come on! Let’s play video games”.

And they did.

For the next few days these two were inseparable.

On one of the days we took them to a park so they  could practice riding a bike together.

My brother Koji had only recently started learning how to ride a bike. Since he lives in a small neighborhood he never really had a need to learn, but after seeing Kayden riding a bike when he came to visit in May he had really wanted to learn so that he and Kayden could bike together. Kayden and Koji are not really ready to bike on the street yet, but they are getting there.

Sean got a little jealous of all the bike riding that was going on and began demanding a turn.

So my Dad, Sean and Kayden’s Grandpa,  put him on the bike and pushed him around the park for awhile.


That was really fun and special for the kids.

Another fun thing I was able to do was go to the theaters with a few of my brothers and my sister. We watched batman begins. It was really nice to relax without the kids and spend sometime with my brothers and sister just like old times. My sister even bought me my ticket as a belated birthday gift! ha.

We haven’t hung out like this in awhile. And the reason for why we took a picture in front of Naruto when we went to watch batman is lost in the moment of that time.

We only spent three short days at my parents home, but it was very enjoyable and memorable. We made some good memories and my family got to love, tease and spoil Sean and Kayden to their hearts content.

After a bunch of photos and hugs it was time to hit the road again. This time we would be traveling to visit my wifes Mother as well as some of our good friends who live near her. My mother and my youngest brother Koji came along with us. We had planned that while we were visiting with my mother in law we would all go together to Kamogawa SeaWorld. Also there is no beaches where my family lives, but there are plenty of them where we were heading and Koji had really wanted to spend sometime at the beach so it worked out nicely for them to come travel with us. Of course Kayden was totally thrilled about being able to spend a few more days with his favorite Uncle.

Next post I’ll talk about our trip to the Sea World where Kayden and Sean got to touch a dolphin and smile with a seal. Cheerio.