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I drew this picture to celebrate my older brothers birthday. He plays the drums has long hair and is hella cool! Wishing him a happy birthday and a wonderful year. 

I actually had very little time to draw this and it is not as clean or as nice as I would have liked to make it. Half the time I was drawing this was between breaks of playing cars and trains with my sons! So I botched the right hand which is cut off…which explains the weird curve at the top of the picture. SOB! That had me on a bummer for while. Also if you look closely you can see that the lines aren’t as clean and it was kind of a rushed piece.

The reason I didn’t have much time was because I had the inspiration to draw my brothers picture in the afternoon of his birthday and I wanted to get it too him as soon as possible so it wouldn’t be a super belated birthday gift. So I  kind of rushed, but I think it turned out very well considering. ha! (ramble ramble, excuses excuses)

Drawn with pencil and pen on paper, touched up with the computer.

Hope you all like it! Cheers.