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This Saturday and Sunday were Rainy cloudy days, but it was nothing but sunshine in our hearts. Our dear Grandma made a surprise visit and the kids were over joyed with this.

Grandma had brought Kayden a special gift. It was a cassette tape player! yeah, you know the kind that plays cassette tapes. Remember those thing? I had one when I was a boy. Kayden loves it and uses it to listen to music and story tapes  before bed.

It had been Grandma’s birthday the day before so we bought some ice-cream and Mommy made a delicious apple pie.

Kayden said that since it was Grandmas birthday we needed to make a tent. So we made a simple tent over the bed where Grandma and Kayden were going to sleep for the night. It was very special for Grandma and Kayden.

On Sunday Kayden and Sean went with Grandma to the nearby museum where they played with all the little gadgets that were around. Then after Grandma and Kayden watched a very special video in the big planetarium.

Today (Monday) was back to work day. Mommy had to go to work at 12:00 and I (daddy) had to make a few trips to city office and the police station to do some paper work for the car. But the kids got to play with Grandma all day. What a treat!

In the morning they went to the squeaky swing park (I wonder why we called it that?) and played all morning till 1:30! By that time I came back from my business run and we had a nice lunch together and I put Sean down for a nap.

After Sean’s nap we all went out to play at the park. Sean had different ideas though! He really wanted to go to the beach and throw rocks into the ocean. He made quite a fuss, so in the end we decided to go to the ocean for awhile. It was quite fun and Sean and Grandma stood by the ocean waves and threw rocks. Kayden, of course, ran from the waves as they came rolling in.

Also Kayden started using a new Japanese word, “yabbai”! It means “this is bad!”

He kept saying, “Oh no! This is bad, this is bad!” I asked him what was “yabbai” and he told me it was the ocean. He was pretending the Ocean was a monster that was trying to gobble him up. It’s cute that Kayden is trying to use more and more Japanese words. Soon he will be going to swimming classes and he will have to be able to comprehend fully what the teacher is saying in Japanese. His listening and comprehension is quite good, but he is improving in his speaking abilities as well. Good job!

So Sean got his way, but we all enjoyed it immensely!

Grandma will be staying with us for a few more days before she has to travel back to her home. She lives kind of far from us, but we call her or receive a call from her almost everyday so it doesn’t seem like she is far. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

More fun and challenges I am sure!