Summer, I miss you


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Now that its cold I’m starting to miss summer quite a bit. It was nice to be able to take the kids to the beach to play around everyday. Now I have to find more elaborate ways to get them tired. (there is a lot more wrestling going on since it became autumn)

So to match my mood I will post some pictures of the kids, my wife and I that we took just a few short months ago.

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A picture for me!


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Awhile back a fellow blogger and artist, Holly Wolfe, offered on her blog to draw requests from a certain number of people. I asked if she would be willing to draw a picture for me and I was lucky enough to be the first one to request something from her.

I sent her a picture of me and my son goofing around in our clown costume before a charity show we were going to perform in and Holly gladly took on the challenge capturing this great moment of ours into a wonderful piece of art.

Here is the art and the picture.


The art is very cute and it captures the feeling very nicely. I like it a lot. Thank you Holly Wolfe!

Every one go visit her blog or her Deviant art profile


Happy Halloween


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Hey and Happy Halloween to you all.

Just wanted to share with you all a Halloween project I worked on about a 2 weeks ago. It started when my wife decided to have a little Halloween party with the kids and we would be inviting some of Kayden’s friends and their family over to play games and gorge on sugary goodness. She asked me to make a small sign to welcome our guests. I agreed and set to work creating something that was supposed to be simple, but I ended up spending all of my free time for the next 2 days working on it. My little artist twitch kicked in and I just couldn’t make something simple and thrown together.

So here is the project as it was made step by step.

1) cutting out colored paper into pumpkin shapes.

2) Coloring pumpkin shapes to look like a more 3 dimensional pumpkin.

3) repeat 2 and 2 to make another one.

so I have to pumpkin shapes.

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kids coloring pages


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Recently I was commissioned to draw a couple of kids coloring pages. They are drawn to help christian children memorize their bible verses. With each verse I tried to think of out of the box ways to illustrate the point so that it would stand out to the children and they would be better able to remember the words when they remember the picture that was associated with them. Having two kids of my own really helped me with this project as I was able to imagine what they would like and what would help them remember. I hope you all enjoy these pictures.

If you are looking for an artist for any of your projects, personal or professional, feel free to write me at:

doodle doodle doo!


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Some more doodles I’ve done. Enjoy

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SeaWorld (vacation post 3)


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So back to my summer vacation story which I started telling, but then got distracted and never continued till now…nearly 2 months later. LOL! Here is post 1 and post 2

Well this post will be about my little families adventure to the underwater kingdom of Seaworld. (not the one in the America)

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Recent doodles! Enjoy.