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Another Monster I was commissioned to draw for the “Monsters Under My Bed” card game.

This monster was a real challenge for me to draw and I loved every minute of it.

The Devastator Toy is a monster (from what I understand) that builds himself up by merging a bunch of toys together and onto himself. A pretty wild idea and concept. So for this piece I needed to draw a bunch of different toys merging into one another. I liked the idea of this monster having some tentacle like arms that were grabbing and pulling toys to itself.

Here is the first sketch I drew.

So far so good. It looked a little gangly and of balance so I added some more toys and fixed his posture a bit.

Then came the exciting part…Coloring!

This completed the coloring process. After discussing with the creator and master mind of this game we decided to make the back ground red to make it more dramatic and menacing. I think it was a good move. I love the red back ground and how the final piece was completed.

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