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Today I got to spend a lovely morning with my beautiful wife. Just the two of us. We haven’t been able to spend time, just the two of us together, in a long time. But since Grandma was here she watched the kids for us and we were able to take a scenic morning walk in the warm sunshine.

I took the kids with Grandma at around 1:00 and Mommy went to work. After lunch and while Sean took a nap, Kayden and Grandma worked on a special project that Kayden had started with Mommy. The project is a homemade mailbox just for Mommy and Kayden. Mommy would leave a special letter for Kayden when she goes to work then Kayden would write a reply and post it in the mail box for Mommy when she gets home. It looks quite nice!

In the afternoon Kayden, Sean, Grandma and myself went to a athletic course that Mommy and I had found in the morning. It was quite old looking and in the middle of the forest. However after checking all the obstacles we found them in good condition and safe for Kayden to try out. So Kayden and I went through the big course and Kayden did surprisingly well even though this athletic course is made for older children. There were also some totem poles which were very funny and interested to look at.

We did the whole thing once and Kayden enjoyed it so much that we did it all over again. He was so proud, and I was so proud! Good job son!

As I am writing this the children are in their pajamas and watching a Thomas and Friends video. They had such a giggly silly time getting their pajamas on. One very funny thing while we were getting our pajamas on was when I checked Sean’s diaper it was very wet. I told Sean that I was not so happy that he didn’t pee in the potty. Then Kayden bursting out in laughter said, “good job Sean! hahahahaha”. I told Kayden he shouldn’t say good job, when Sean did something wrong so he changed his wording to, “Bad job Sean! hahahahahaha”. All I could do was roll my eyes. So silly. My kids make me so happy.

Mommy and Grandma are spending some time together at a restaurant and me and the kids will go pick them up soon.

Tomorrow is another day and will bring more fun and challenges I’m sure.