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This is a different kind of “sickness and in health” then most people are familiar with. This post is not about marriage, but rather about the difference of my sons during sickness and health.

I think the comic makes it quite clear how things are.

Kayden who is always on the go and constantly talking and moving, is amazingly quiet and still whenever he is sick or has some pain. When he had the chicken pox, high fever, feeling run down, tired and one time when he got a huge gash on his chin and got it stitched at the hospital, he has been amazingly calm and quite through most of the ordeal. Of course he cried when he got the gash on his chin and if there is some major pain, but once he has calmed down and comes to grips with what is happening he calms down and faces it like a real trooper.

Sean on the other hand is a big whiny boy when it comes to sickness or pain. I know that you are thinking that it is because he is a baby, but I am comparing him to when Kayden was a baby as well. Sean lets all the world know he is in discomfort and will rage constantly till he falls asleep. Almost no amount of trying to calm him down will work. But then when he is well, he is the most quite meek boy (with the exception of mealtimes and missing his time outside). During play time he will sit quietly and do his own thing. If another kid takes his toy, he might get a little upset, but he will calm down real quick and find something else to play with. He will spend hours doing the same thing quietly (like throwing rocks and filling a bike basket with sand) and hardly make a peep. This doesn’t apply if he is angry, cause boy can he get angry. Kayden on the other had doesn’t get angry very often. He gets upset but it is rare to ever see kayden in a fit of rage, like Sean does.

Of course there are exceptions to this behavior and sometimes the roles will be reversed, but for the most part this is how it is.

If Kayden is being quite we automatically think, “Oh no! I think he maybe coming down with something. Are you OK Kayden? Is something the matter?”.

If Sean is loud and talkative and giggly we think, “quick grab the camera and video this! He is actually talking!”.

Well there you have it! Another way the two brothers are very different and what I have learned about them.

The end.