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Hey and Happy Halloween to you all.

Just wanted to share with you all a Halloween project I worked on about a 2 weeks ago. It started when my wife decided to have a little Halloween party with the kids and we would be inviting some of Kayden’s friends and their family over to play games and gorge on sugary goodness. She asked me to make a small sign to welcome our guests. I agreed and set to work creating something that was supposed to be simple, but I ended up spending all of my free time for the next 2 days working on it. My little artist twitch kicked in and I just couldn’t make something simple and thrown together.

So here is the project as it was made step by step.

1) cutting out colored paper into pumpkin shapes.

2) Coloring pumpkin shapes to look like a more 3 dimensional pumpkin.

3) repeat 2 and 2 to make another one.

so I have to pumpkin shapes.

4) cut out stems and leaves

5) color leaves and stems to look pretty and detailed.

(above) the process

yeah! pumpkins with stem and leaves.

6) now for the faces. cut out face shapes with black colored paper.

7) glue colored paper on to main pumpkin shape and color to make it blend in with the rest and give it some some wrinkles and expression.

8) repeat 6 and 7 for pumpkin face 2


9) glue on to board and begin drawing words for the sign. make it super artsy so its illegible and looks more like cool designs. The people who were coming for our party probably had no idea what was written on this sign. ha!

For those of you who couldn’t read the above sign it reads, “Happy Halloween”!

10) Draw a bunch of crazy vines around the crazy font you finished writing.

11) Color everything!

Here are the details of the finished product.

Hurrah! Done at last.

Here is the full and complete sign.

That’s all for now. Have a Great time! Cheers.