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I’ve been doing design and illustrations for a Card based game that is the works at the moment. The game is called Monsters Under My Bed.

I have already designed one monster “Frank and Stein”

And this month I have completed two more art works for this project.

This piece will be on the back of a card or on the box. I’m not so sure yet.

Here is the progression of how this piece came about.

I started with two sketches one of a boy and the other of a girl.

The picture with the boy was chosen so I worked on sharpening up the image, making the lines more visible and touching up needed places.

I gave the teddy bear a little Samurai sword, but we decided to go with the pistol instead.

And next was the fun part, COLORING!
For me the best part of these art projects is always the initial sketch, because you have to let your mind go wild to imagine these monsters and create something fun and original, and the coloring. As you can tell from all of my past art works, I love colors. I use a lot of it in my art.

And there you have it. I hope you have all enjoyed looking at my art. Please check out the Facebook page for the game Monsters Under My Bed. I think it will be an awesome game.

And if you have any art requests, either personal or for some project you are working on, feel free to drop me a line at “kawashimadesigns@gmail.com”