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This monster was drawn for the card based game “Monsters Under My Bed” Click the link to visit the facebook page.

I am doing the design and illustration of the monsters. This monsters name is Imp-Ulsive. He apparently has a bad habit of snatching other peoples stuff.

Here is how the art work progressed from start to finish.

Started with a quick sketch.

Improved on the sketch. Sharpened up the lines. Added an Alarm clock and more bling etc.

Then came the coloring.

The Imp in my head was red…but the creator of the game had a different image of it. It was decided that the imp looked too much like a devil so the color was changed to a teal color.

And that wrapped up that project.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. More monsters and art work to come in the future. Please check out the Facebook page for the game Monsters Under My Bed. I think it will be an awesome game.

And if you have any art requests, either personal or for some project you are working on, feel free to drop me a line at “kawashimadesigns@gmail.com”