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This year the Olympics have been a little challenging for me to watch.

First due to the time difference a lot of the sports are shown in Japan very late at night. So I miss most of those.

And then the connection on our television is not really the best and it seems that the channels that are showing the Olympic events are the channels that don’t seem to be working.

But I am thoroughly enjoying the matches and competitions that I am able to watch. The Olympics just seem to get anybody, even people who aren’t really into sports at all, excited to cheer their country on and get into sports that they care little to nothing about. I am totally not into most of the sports I am watching, but when your countries team is on the line you find yourself shouting things like “come on! You can do better than that!” etc, when in reality you have no idea what it is they could have done better.

Another thing that makes watching the Olympics interesting this year is my Son.
Every sport he watches he wants to do. We watch Judo, then he will be trying to flip me for the rest of the evening. Or if its swimming he will be paddling his heart out on the ground for the rest of the evening. I try to show him the sports that he is actually engaging in at this time, which is swimming and soccer. When he watches these sports he gets a better understanding of what he’s actually supposed to be learning when he is at his club.

All that to say, the Olympics is a very exciting time for our whole little family. And we are loving watching,rooting and maybe even pretending to know something about the wonderful sports that are being held. Cheers to all the amazing athletes that are competing! They are all amazing.