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Sean Really loves to run in and out of automatic doors.

When he goes to a department store, or any public building where the doors are automatic, he will spend the rest of your time there trying to get to that door and open it up. He will run in and out, and it and out again.

Now that it is summer all these buildings also have air conditioning so every time Sean runs in or out of the doors the shop keepers or the people in charge of the building look rather annoyed. I have to constantly be pulling Sean away from these doors.

It’s too bad that I have to do this because the look on his face is always priceless when those doors open. His face is filled with a certain wonder and extreme satisfaction. To him these doors are magic and every time he  gets near them they part for him like he is some great and mighty magician. He has so much pride when these mighty glass doors obey his command.

Yesterday, however, one particular building we pass by regularly (which has automatic doors) was closed. So ofcourse the doors didn’t work either. The look of horror and dismay that passed over Sean’s face was so funny. It was like all his power had been drained out of him and he sat on the ground and cried. hahaha. Poor thing.

Well the building was just closed for one day and Sean’s power over it will return. I’m sure he’ll be glad to know that.