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This weekend has me feeling more relaxed then I have felt in a long time.

This week I managed to wrap up three design and art projects, solve a problem I was having with Paypal (this one was really getting my goat) and ofcourse take care of my two children. With the busy week over and so many victories under my belt I was able to really relax. To top that off my wife, who was feeling pretty under the weather all week long, recovered enough to give me a little sleep in. Tx Baby!
After my sleep in (woke up at about 8:30) my wife and I took our kids down to the beach for a little splash time.

Sean was quite clingy to Mommy which was fine by me. Since Mommy had Sean I was able to splash and play with Kayden, something I can’t usually do because I have to keep a close eye on Sean. He will gladly get into any kind of mischief he can get away with.

That sign reads “Danger”! ha.

So with Mommy with Sean, Kayden and I played happily together. Kayden was really happy to get full attention from me and I was happy to be able to focus solely on playing with him.

After lunch Mommy needed a little nap as she still was a little tired. So while Sean and Mommy rested Kayden and I played a board game together. In the afternoon we went to a little festival that was happening near our home. There was pretty lanterns, dancing, fireworks and FREE FOOD! It was pretty awesome.

It was a wonderful day. I’m super relaxed and happy and ready to take on another exciting week. From next weekend my little family will also be going on a little vacation trip. So August is starting off as a really great month. Cheers to you all. have a good week and a wonderful month. I hope to be able to do some more doodles and comics this week (though nothing is promised). Stay tuned. bye.