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The kids and I have had a wonderful week. The weather has been sunny and we get to play outside everyday.

The week went by with out much drama. The kids learned a lot during school time, Kayden enjoyed his clubs as usual and despite the incredible heat the kids are healthy and active.

Unfortunately the same could not be said of my wife. This week end she was quite run down and had to stay in bed.  She had a real busy week with new students to attend to and lots to think about. She needed a good rest and her body was demanding it. So I got to spend some more quality time with my two children.

Saturday: We started the day with some nice breakfast. (and a big glass of cold coffee for me)

The morning wasn’t going to be all that fun for the kids as I had some urgent mail to send and some shopping that needed getting done. The kids had to patiently drive around town for most of the morning. I felt bad for them so to reward them for their good behavior, and to make up for spending the beginning of their week end driving around town on business, I took them to MacDonald and bought them both a hamburger. Of course they were thrilled.

Then with work done we headed to a science museum near our home for some play and learning. They were doing a special event centered around optical illusions. It was very fun for Kayden and I to look at all the different optical illusions. What Kayden enjoyed the most was a a big screen that was set up with a bright light so that you could make shadows. He thought it was hilarious the way he would get bigger as he went closer to the light while I remained a small size as I was closer to the sheet. He enjoyed being bigger than me for a change. ha!

It was a very fun and interesting learning experience.

In the afternoon Mommy said she was feeling a little better so we went to play out side for a little while. Since it was a hot day Mommy decided it would be fun to have a water fight. Why she wanted to do this when she was feeling so rundown I don’t know, but my wife is crazy like that sometimes. She really wants the children to have fun even when she is not feeling so well.

So we had a major water fight. Pretty much Mommy and Kayden vs Sean and I. Sean (1yrs) was no help. He seemed to only be interested in pushing his little toy truck around and ignoring my screams for help from him. At first the water fight was fought using little water pistols, however like any war things escalated at a rapid pace and soon we were using buckets and hoses.

It was a very nice way to spend the afternoon, though it did take a toll on my wife and she felt quite drained and tired again after play time was done.

We spent the rest of the afternoon quietly watching the Olympic events on television. We are all really into the Judo matches that are taking place right now. Japan is not doing as good as I wish they were, but nothing to do about it.

Yesterday, Sunday, Mommy still needed a bit more rest so I took the kids in the morning again. And just like the day before they were up bright and early.

We spent all morning at the beach splashing and throwing rocks. It was a great way to cool off from the blistering summer heat.

Apparently there have been quite few deaths due to sun stroke in the last few days. I am always very careful to bring lots of liquid and make sure the kids are wearing their hats as we play out side. And even still we can’t stay out too long. The heat really wipes you out. We actually have it pretty good since we are near the ocean. There is almost always a slight breeze. I don’t want to imagine what it must be like if there was none.

In the afternoon we released a little Cicada we had caught the other day. Kayden had grown quite attached to it though and we let it fly around the room a bit with Kayden before releasing it back into the wild.

Sean also really enjoyed playing with the “buggie” as he calls it. I thought he would be afraid of it since he seemed to be scared of flies for while, but he was totally fine and even fascinated. Last week we had gone to the library and of all the books Sean had wanted to bring home a book about bugs. He would sit for a long time turning the pages and saying “buggie” over and over again. He is even getting really into watching little ants running around doing their little duties. It is the cutest thing to see him with his face so close to the floor staring at an ant and giggling happily.

With our week end done and over with it is time to get back into the groove of the week. There is work and school to do. Mommy is feeling much better which I’m really glad for.  Cheers to everybody who took their time to read this post. I’m wishing you all a wonderful week to come.