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Kayden got hit in the face recently…but it wasn’t as bad as it sounds.

It all started when I was picking up Kayden from his swimming club. He came bounding up to me in his cheery way and showed me a slight swelling under his eye.

I asked him if he fell and had an accident and he kind of matter-of-factually told me that he had been hit in the face by another boy.

This sent shots of anger and concern through my brain which I assume is natural for any parent to feel in this kind of situation. The only thing that was holding me back from looking for the swimming instructor and questioning them was that my son seemed totally unfazed by the incident.

So I went about interrogating Kayden about what had actually happened and if it was something that needed to be sorted out or whatever.

Of course first came the more frantic questions, Who hit you? Where they teasing you?, Were they being mean?, Did you do anything to provoke getting hit? etc.

All the answers to the above questions were, no. So I started asking him what he was doing at the time, what was the other child doing and I asked if it was an accident. He said was getting some toys and was about to go in the water and when he passed the other boy and got hit by him.

This started sounding more like an accident and not a bullying scenario. I asked Kayden how he got hit. He answered quite seriously, “The boy walked past me and hit me with his cheek!”

I had to start laughing and explained to Kayden that you usually use the term “hit” if the action was done intentionally and the person was trying to be mean.

I was glad Kayden wasn’t hurt intentionally and I was also glad that I didn’t act rashly and just jumped to a conclusion. It was a good thing that I questioned Kayden about it before I went on the war path. In the end I started feeling bad for the poor kid who bumped into Kayden. (Kayden told me that it was a boy younger then him) Kayden is a very tough kid and bumps scrapes and hits rarely faze him, but if he got a good bump on his face from bumping another kid I wondered how badly the other boy got hurt. I asked Kayden if the other boy was hurt in any way, but Kayden said the other boy didn’t seem to notice that he bumped Kayden either. I guess Kayden and this other boy have very tough faces. The bump healed up by the next day and it didn’t even bother Kayden in the least.

And that ends my story of Kayden getting “hit” in the face.