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Rainy season seems to be gone and we are left with wonderful warm sunshine…and by “wonderful warm sunshine” I of course mean unbearable blistering heat. Will I never be thankful for the weather? ha

I am actually very thankful for the sunshine because the kids are a lot happier when they get to play outside. And happy kids equals happy parents.

haha! Actually kids wiped out from lots of play in the hot sun and then taking naps equals happy parents!

There is so much going on in this last week that I don’t have the time to write it all up, but here are the highlights!

It had been raining almost all of last week, but the weekend brought us some bright sunshine. Which was nice because we went out with some friends to a beautiful park.

The older son of our friends goes to the same soccer club as Kayden so they got to kick the ball around together. Both Kayden and his friend weren’t able to do one thing for too long so they were constantly changing what they were doing. First it was soccer and the next min. exploring the park and suddenly they were trying to throw their shoes in the water…! It was quite a challenge keeping up with them.

And they both put on their best modeling faces whenever the camera would come their way.

After a nice picnic and some more running around our friends showed us a nice little river where they go to catch all sorts of creepy crawlies. We spent the rest of time out looking under rocks and in bushes for little bugs, water beetles and crabs.

It took awhile and quite a bit of effort (crabs are freaking fast at running for cover), but we finally caught a few crabs to take home with us. Kayden was just thrilled.

Not only did we catch a bunch of crabs…we also got some nasty SUNBURNS! ouch.

It was quite painful and Kayden even got a slight fever that night. Poor thing. He had a hat on, sunblock and lots of water, but still the sun was too strong. I don’t think we will stay out in the sun as long as we did that day again. Need to be careful. They make public announcements on big speakers throughout the day telling every one to be sure to stay well hydrated and not to stay in the sun for too long. There have been quite a few people who have gotten heatstroke in the last few days.

Despite the sun burn and the fever it was a very fun day. Kayden enjoyed it very much when we went to the store and bought some crab food.

Another nice thing about this week was my wife had two extra days off from work. It was really nice to have her around and we all got to spend some nice quality time as a family.

She also got to go see Kayden at his clubs for the first time. Her work is always in the afternoon and Kayden’s swimming and soccer clubs take place in the afternoon so I always take him. So it was really nice for her to see the progress that Kayden has made in the last couple of months. She also got to talk to the mothers who come to the clubs. They were all very excited to talk to a foreigner. Joanie is very social and loved talking with them and she was even able to advertise her private English lessons. My wife speaks Japanese quite well so the mothers immediately took a liking to her and they had a great time chatting and watching their kids play.

I hardly mentioned anything about Sean this whole time…poor guy.

who me?

Sean did got a lot of Mommy time and Sunshine. Those are his two favorite things in the world right now. If he is whining it is usually because he wants mommy or he wants to go outside and play. So he is quite a happy boy right now.

Mommy took the opportunity while she was at home to give Sean some schooling. (My wife is such a great teacher)

Here are some photos of him with his schooling. Counting and arranging blocks and learning his alphabet.

So those are a few of the happenings in our little life right now. I hope all the rest of you are having as much fun.