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Sean has recently begun to sing. He will try to sing along with any song he hears and he gets the notes down pretty well. He knows when to go high and when to sing low.

He tries to sing the words to the songs as well, but that is going to take a bit more time for him to get. But even if he doesn’t know the words to the song he will try his hardest to get it. Listening to him mumble along with you or a song that is playing is the most precious thing. Popular kids songs he has gotten down pretty well (twinkle little star, alphabet song, old MacDonald etc,).

Kayden also loved singing when he was younger. And he was complimented quite a few times with keeping the right tune when singing songs. Recently though he enjoys listening more then singing, though there are times when he will break forth in some song I had know idea he knew. ha.

Its wonderful that they both enjoy music and I hope that their love of music will continue to get stronger as they get older.