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This happened just yesterday…and my heart hasn’t recovered yet.

You really have to keep a good eye on your kids. Especially if your boys are adventurous and like to play games.

The night before this incident the kids, my wife and I  had been playing hide and go seek. I guess this really stuck with Kayden because it is what caused the drama that took place.

I needed to hang up a towel out side so I told the kids I’d be back in less then 10sec. and asked them to wait there for me. Sean has a problem with trying to open doors and get out side, but I knew (or thought I knew) that if I asked Kayden to stay there he would obey and make sure that the younger rascal would obey as well.

Kayden is a very responsible young man, so I thought nothing of it and dashed away to hang up the laundry. I was back in about 10 sec and the kids had disappeared! I of course was a little concerned, but I figured that maybe they were somewhere in the house. I checked all the usual places that the kids hide in the house. Upstairs, behind the bed, the toilets, the shower room…they were nowhere to be found.

I started getting very worried and ran outside. I  checked down the road which is very straight and so just by looking up and down I could tell they weren’t there. I checked the sea wall near our house, (this is Sean’s favorite place to run to if he manages to escape the house) no luck.

I was in a dead panic by now and was running around like a chicken with his head chopped off, which was appropriate since I had lost my head now and was frantic. I was just about to go ask my friends for help looking for them, when out popped the kids with big smiles on their faces.

I asked Kayden where in the world he had been and he happily pointed at a small shed (more like a closet) that’s just outside of our house. He told me I lost the game of hide and seek!

After I had calmed down I had a serious talk with Kayden about telling me he was playing hide and seek before he actually went to hide. Kayden is such a good boy and is always faithful to tell me where he is going or what he is doing, so I was especially freaked out because it was such an unusual event. I thought maybe Sean had run out of the house and Kayden had gone to chase him and bring him back.

Well all’s well that ends well. I’m glad that the boys, and my heart, are safe and well. As a parent you always have to be alert, you never know what kind of stunts your kids will pull next.