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There are times when my son puts his foolish muscles into high gear and really takes off into a spree of silly madness.

My son has been blessed with a tremendous sense of humor. He will pick up on jokes very quickly and will store them away in his brain to try his best to reenact them later on . Things that make people laugh stick to his brain and he remembers them very well. But Kayden hasn’t exactly figured out an important rule in comedy and that is “timing”. If he wants to get attention he will just say some random silly thing that he heard to try to get a laugh from everyone. He will say these silly things whenever he feels like it. It doesn’t matter if you are in the middle of a meal with friends or guests, if a joke or silly thought pops in his head…out it comes from his mouth. He is also very expressive with his body, so he will accompany his silly comment with some outrageous silly gesture of the body. I have to be on high alert when guests are around or if we are in a place where that kind of behavior is unacceptable. Thankfully I am able to put an end to this rather quickly with just a stern look and a quiet whisper to him reminding him that now is not an appropriate time for that.

Most of the time however I try to let him express himself in his silly way. My wife and I can also get quite silly and I’m sure its just in the genes to be a funny silly boy. I usually have a good laugh at his jokes and try to help him tell it a little better so it isn’t just crude and gross.

There are time however when his foolishness hits epic proportions and he will go nuts with his silliness. Usually it happens if he has been stuck in the house all day, due to rain or other unavoidable problem, and has pent up energy that he needs to expel.

During the course of his foolishness he will will say very silly and dirty things and will let his body go berserk. No matter how sorry you feel for him you have to put an end to this kind of silliness. The best way is to not laugh and quietly get him to focus on something else…like wrestling with me, or dancing (of course if we can go outside I would take him out to play when he does this to get his energy burned). Just a little laughter from anyone will escalate the behavior. My younger son, Sean, will always start laughing. Can’t blame him. But the problem is that I always feel like laughing when this happens. I have to try very hard not to laugh and to keep a straight face. If I laugh the battle is over and he will go to the extreme with what he says and does. Sigh.