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Summer is here and the it is getting hot! The kids can now enjoy the fun of splashing and playing in the water! Hurrah!

Kayden especially enjoys the water and is over joyed to be able to splash into it whenever the opportunity presents itself.

As most of you already know my son Kayden has been attending a swimming club twice a week. Now that we can splash around in places other then his club he has been showing me all his new tricks. He surprised me especially with his ability to keep his head underwater for about 10 seconds. While keeping his head under he attempted to show me the froggy swim. Very impressed!

Sean on the other hand is just happy to put his feet in the water. He is still a bit afraid of getting entirely wet, but he does enjoy splashing around a bit…but not too much.

Also we recently bought Kayden some new soccer clothes and boy does he look smart. He felt so cool strutting about in his new clothes. I didn’t even have to ask him twice to pose in his new suit for him to do it with this proud face. ha

“yes, I am quite handsome in my new clothes. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go get it dirty!”

Not only has Kayden’s clothes improved, but he has also improved in soccer quite a bit. Here are some of the things I’ve noticed.

1: he listens to the couch very well.

2: he doesn’t space out as much as he used to

3. he is now able to control the ball enough to dribble the ball in an 8 shape around two cones. This is always the clubs first exercise and Kayden wasn’t able to do it before, but he has mastered it quite well now.

4: he has gotten down the exercise and stretching routine down

5: his kick is getting stronger as well as more focused. He can towards the goal with out it going in all weird directions.

6: he is starting to make friends at the club which is really nice. It is helping him improve in his Japanese speaking ability tremendously.

Sean really has been wanting to join in. Whenever he sees all the kids playing in the field and kicking the ball around the cones he just wants to run straight into it. I always have to snatch him up and carry him away from there. He always makes a big fuss when I do that. Poor guy. When you are just a little older Sean you can join a club too!

In schooling Kayden is making leaps and bounds as well. His English reading has improved and we don’t have to pause after every word any more. He has memorized quite a few of the difficult words so that he doesn’t get stuck as often.

He has a new passion for learning his Japanese (probably tx to his joining the clubs) and is making great progress in that area as well. When we do our Japanese school I can only talk in Japanese to him so it helps me as well. It won’t be long before my son is correcting my Japanese I’m sure.

And Sean!! He is almost going to be talking with ease. Every now and then he will blurt out full sentences that throw me for a loop. I just stare at him and ask, “did you just say all that?”

His favorite sentence at the moment is, “I want that one”.He is pointing to things all through out the day saying, “I want that one, I want that one, I want that one” ha

He also has an amazing ability to sing songs. Even if it is a song he has never heard he will try to sing along with you. And after only hearing it a few times he will be able to repeat the words in the song with surprising accuracy.

Sean also smiles a lot now. Before it was so hard to get him to smile at the camera, but now he just loves the camera and when I show him how beautiful his smile is. He’s a smart kid and knows that I love his smile so he tries to smile at me as often as he can to get my attention. GAH! He is way too cute!

Sean is so cute when he is sleeping as well! And I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Kayden always wants to kiss Sean when he is sleeping. Sean is kind of a light sleeper so I usually have my loud older son in another room when Sean is sleeping, but this once he was in the same room and he was so polite and tried his best not to make any noise. Then very quietly he went over and kissed Sean on the forehead. It was so sweet.

Well that is the recent happenings in my life. Hope you are all enjoying a wonderfully hot summer. It is getting quite warm here, but since we are near the ocean it is never too hot.