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This is my cycle to becoming a better artist.

I’ve been doing a lot of drawing recently and I’ve really been enjoying it. For the longest while I had not really been drawing much at all. So I had actually gotten worse then I had when I was drawing more.

I think I’ve gotten past how good I used to be and am now a little better.

Whenever I feel like I’ve gotten better and I’m real proud of myself a funny thing happens. I stop trying to draw better. I kind of stick to what I know and don’t push myself to do better. But whenever I see other great art I feel so motivated and inspired to draw better. It inspires me to stay longer on a piece, try something new and practice harder.

If I’m commissioned to do some art I give all that I have and pour everything into it, however if I’m just drawing for fun or for myself I tend to procrastinate and get lazy. I have a sketch book full of art that has not been finished…and probably never will be. But recently I’ve decided to push myself as hard as I can to finish the pieces of work I’ve begun drawing.

Since I’ve joined instagram (look me up at: takuyakawa)I have been following extremely talented artists and it has helped me to stay inspired about drawing. I also have some awesome artist friends and they post their art on face book from time to time. That is another huge source of inspiration. I see them getting better and better and it makes me want to do become more then what I am. And of course here on wordpress I’ve been following and reading blogs from artists and that has also inspired me greatly. (I’ve been reading a lot of blogs from parents too which has helped inspire me about being a better father)

I think it is so important to be inspired daily. Everyday I look at amazing art to inspire myself to do more.

One pit fall that occasionally occurs when I see some works by amazing artist is the feeling of “I will never be that good”…and even though that is probably true I always try and turn it around in my head and say “I will become that good”.

Shoot for the stars and at least you’ll hit the ceiling…and then raise the roof and start shooting for the stars again.