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ok, maybe not worst job in the world…but pretty close!

I’m sure most parents know what this feels like.

There are times I or my wife will wash a batch of laundry and then we will stick it on the table or something where we  fully intend to fold it and put it away , but occasionally something will come up and we leave the pile there. Then over the course of the day some dirty laundry will find it’s way into that pile of clean laundry. Maybe the kids think this is the best place to throw their dirty clothes, maybe I or my wife will add some dirty laundry in that pile (that is if we didn’t make the clean pile of course) thinking that it is dirty laundry and that our significant other is intending to wash, I don’t know.  But when the dirty and washed laundry collide, there is sometimes nothing to do but to sniff each article of clothing to find the smelly from the rosy.
I hate doing this job. If you happened to be in the near vicinity of me while I’m doing this job you will defiantly hear shouts of out rage every now and then.

“sniff sniff…oh thank God it’s clean. Sniff sniff…safe Again! Sniff sniff…OH GOD! GAG COUGH”, that kind of thing. Since I am now the primary laundry washer I have to keep my eye open for anyone who dares mix their filthy laundry with my clean batch.