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Kayden talks so much! He talks all the time and there is so much that he says during the day that puts a big question mark right above my head. It’s an interesting age to handle. He has so many questions and then he takes your answers and creates his own personal facts about what you just said. I have to make sure that I explain everything very thoroughly to him.

This story happened recently when one of our close friends had a baby. We were looking at the pictures on Facebook, when Kayden asked me how she got the baby.

My wife had already explained the process of how babies are made to Kayden (except I think she watered down the beginning process…better wait till he’s older for that bit), but somehow he wanted me to explain it.

So I tried to explain it the best I could. I told him that she had found a nice man who she wanted to be with and together they wanted to start a family. And so they made a baby etc etc etc.

Kayden put on this very concentrated face and then went silent for while. Finally he asked me, “How much did she pay?”

I of course was stampeded. “Pay? For what? The baby?”

He looked at me as if I was an idiot and said, “of course not! The man! How much did she pay for the man?!” …WHAT! Where did he get the impression from what I said that she had to pay for the man? I spent awhile trying to figure out where he got this silly notion and then I realized.

Kayden had recently been playing a car racing game and as you win races you get to buy new cars. His mind was so full of that racing game he began to equate everything with that game. I told him he was a nice guy so he immediately thought that he must be expensive and that my friend had to pay a lot to get him! hahaha

I set him straight about this fact and he understands better now. Got to watch out what your kids are getting out of things, whether its television, videos, games or even conversations they over hear.  I always try to ask my son what he thinks of things so that I can correct any weird notion that might be in his head and to make sure he understands correctly what he sees and hears.