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The recent weeks feel like they are zooming by so fast. So much work, both home and business related. My wife and I have never been this busy before. My wife, aside from her regular teaching job, now has 1 or 2 private English classes a day. This leaves me with less work time though I am trying to wake up a little earlier to fit in a bit more. Plus that with our keeping up with the children’s schooling, taking Kayden to two clubs during the week, ensuring good exercise time for our wild boys, cleaning up around the house, doing the laundry… and you have one blur of a week.

I’m not complaining though. The children are happy and healthy and my wife and I are still able to spend some times in the evenings and weekends together. My appreciation for my wife is at an all time high. I really love her for how tirelessly she works for our family. No matter how busy she is throughout the day her only thought when she comes home is to be with the children and make sure they don’t miss her and that they get enough of her love. She is a real winner. My wife and I are also still very much in love and even though the time we spend together has lessened, due to all the busyness, it makes our time together that much more special. I love you baby!

So this week has been a real up and down…for the weather. We had a typhoon with a major load of wind and rain pass through and then we had some bright burning sunshine right after.

The worst part of the typhoon was worrying if my wife could make it home safely. To go to work we drive her to the train station, which is about a 15 min drive, and from there she takes 15~20 min train ride to her work place. During storms it is not uncommon for the trains to stop. I was worried that they would stop the trains and I would have to pile the children into our van and drive to her work place station to pick her up. It is about a hour drive to her station and with the winds picking up the way they were I knew it would be a very unpleasant drive. Amazingly the trains didn’t stop and we my wife was able to make it our station and we were able to go pick her up with out too much hassle.

When the typhoon had passed the next day there was a lot of clean up to be done. We live right next to a pine forest and the ground everywhere was scattered with pine tree twigs and branches. It was a lot of hard work sweeping and cleaning up, but I had the special help of Kayden (my eldest son, 4) who gladly helped me for almost the whole morning. Sean ( my seconed son, 1) was over joyed to be out doors again and was even more excited to see all the puddles the great winds had brought with them. He spent the morning getting his clothes drenched and occasionally pulling branches from the piles, that Kayden and I worked so hard to make, and throwing them around the yard. ha!

It was nice that the children were able to go out and play after all that rain. And I was so proud of Kayden for seeing the need to clean up and his desire to help me do it.

That day Kayden had a swimming class. While Kayden was swimming Sean and I had a stroll around our park and we were able to view all the damage the winds had created. During our walk we found a baby stork? (truth is I’m not sure  what kind of baby bird it is)  The baby stork was walking along on the ground. After looking around a bit more I saw many more baby birds waddling around on the ground. Then I realized that during the storm the nests, which are supposed to be high up in the pine trees, had fallen down. It was sad to see. But Sean was real excited about it. He was pointing at the birds and laughing happily. After Kayden’s class ended I showed him the birds too. He wanted to touch them, but I strictly forbid him from doing it. We studied the birds for sometime. Since this is a public park there was a group of people assigned to taking care of the damage that was done during the storm and I’m sure they did something to help those poor birds.

They say that after the rain comes the sun…and we got some sun for half a day before the weather report informed us of another typhoon heading our way. Bummer.

However the second typhoon missed us and it was no big deal…if you consider grumpy children stuck in a house on a rainy day no big deal.

So we had a lot of rain, but our weekends had sunshine. YES! We were able to go to the parks and let the children play their little hearts out.

We wiped the kids out with all the super exercise! yeah!

Well…one of our kids at least.

Kayden is never tired.

Oh and Sean is beginning to wear training pants in the morning (with Mommy). I don’t really trust Sean with his training pants so I still put diapers on him, but he is starting to sit on the big toilet. And slowly but surely he is also beginning to let us know when he needs to pee or go poo. GREAT JOB SEAN! You are really growing up fast.

In closing here is some more of my recent art. Please enjoy.

I sharpened up my last sketch. I think I will scan it to the computer and digitally color it. We’ll see.

That’s all for now folks. Thanks for taking the time to read my long post. Cheers!