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Yesterday was Fathers day. My wife and children made fathers day real special for me.

First I had a nice sleep in… something I don’t get to do too often and woke up to a special breakfast of delicious breads and a nice cold cup of coffee. But best of all there was a sweet hand made card with a note from my wife and two sons.

My wife thanked me for being a good father and doing my best to care for and teach the children. Kayden, my oldest son (4), thanked me for being funny like a clown. And Sean (1), with Mommy’s help, drew a smiley face with the words, “I love you”!

It was a wonderful way to wake up.

My wife had a few private English Classes in the morning, but after that was done with we headed out to have a special meal at a restaurant. It was really nice to be able to relax all together.

I really enjoyed the special things that my kids and wife did for me, but the best thing about the day was the feeling that I got. My wife and children made me feel like I had done well in my job of being a Father.

Since my wife started English teaching almost full time I have had to take our children more then I ever have in the past and it has been a real ride.

It is very hard work being with your children everyday and the list of things that are needed to be done seem endless. There always seems to be something that needs to be done. There have been times when I feel I didn’t get all the chores done, there are times where I feel I did a lousy job with my kids schooling and there have even been times where I have lost my cool, gotten stressed and gained a couple more white hairs. But all in all I know I did my best. I know I gave up a lot of my own desires and have placed my children and wife at a higher place then myself and now on Fathers day I know that they have seen that and they appreciate all that I have done. That is a great feeling. I still have so much to learn in being a better father, but I think I’m on the right track.

It’s been a pleasure for me to be with children and to be a big part of their lives. I’m not wearing rose tinted glasses and I know that there have been and will be tough and difficult times ahead, but I also know that it will be worth it. For all the tough times there are equally rewarding times. Times when my children beam smiles of contentment, times when we’re doing our school work and they just get it, times when I am able to comfort them and encourage them, times when I see them accomplish tasks and make progress in their day to day activities and times when we just sit and laugh together. There are so many golden moments that I am able to share with my children that are priceless.

Not all Fathers have the opportunity to be with their kids all the time, but a Father always makes time for their children no matter how busy they are. I hope that all you Fathers out there have been able to spend some good quality time with your family and were able to receive the gift of being appreciated.

Cheers to all Fathers!