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Watching sports with my son can be very tiring. First I have to explain the game then I have to start giving him a whole geography lesson.

When watching volley ball he will constantly be saying things like, “foul ball, home run, free kick, strike…goalie!” Which shows that the only sports he’s really been exposed to so far is Soccer and Baseball. I’m glad he didn’t start yelling DUNK, LAYUP, BREAST STROKE or ARM BAR.

After all that is out of the way and I have thoroughly explained the rules to him, he will start cheering for countries or teams that are not even playing.

He knows that he is half American so he will always chant “Go America!” and I will have to correct him. Last time he yelled that it was Japan vs China in a volley ball match. I told him it was China vs Japan and then he started chanting for Japan to win. “Thank God!” I thought…till he yelled out, “GO JAPAN! BEAT CANADA!!!”

Seriously, what!?

My face was one big question mark for about one min. And then I had to try to explain everything again while desperately trying to hold in my laughter. How in the world did he choose Canada? Well, I think he only really knows the countries America, Japan, Germany and Canada really well, as those are the countries he is always shouting out regardless of who’s playing. Guess I will be doing more geography school with him. ha!

Got to get him sorted out before the London Olympics start or I will have one mess of a time watching the games.