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The weather has still been raining often, but today we got a rare bit of sunshine. It really helped to  brighten the mood of my children. They really love to be out doors.

These past days have been quite busy. I know I haven’t been posting much on my blog, but I have been doing quite a bit of drawing…when I am not watching my two children.

Here are some of my recent works I have finished.

For a children’s short story I finished 2 out of 6 scenes.

and for a monster card game I finished one character. I drew this character first in Black and white.

Then I colored it digitally

And finally I drew it in colored pencil

So that’s been keeping me busy. I really love drawing and have been enjoying these projects immensely.

In other news… Kayden enrolled into two clubs last week. He will be taking swimming lessons twice a week and a soccer club once a week.

We went to the soccer tryout a few week sbefore and since then Kayden has improved in listening to the coach. He was still a little lost, but it was much better then before. I know that he will only get better from now.

He really does enjoy playing soccer and said he wants to keep going. We have also been watching soccer games on tv and I get to explain how professionals play and he is starting to understand the rules too.

Actually Kayden and I have been watching quite a bit of sports on tv as the world starts preparing for the London Olympics which is just around the corner.

Kayden is not the only one who is enjoying sports. Sean really loves to kick the ball. I mentioned this before in another post, but Sean will kick the ball for almost the whole time we go out. Just kicks it around and around the park. I have begun playing with him too and I get him to pass the ball to me and am trying to teach him to pass it back.

Besides soccer Sean really likes throwing balls too. While Kayden is having soccer practice I play catch ball with Sean. He can’t catch the ball yet, but he can throw it back to you pretty good.

All of us can’t wait for the weather to warm up and for summer to start. Right now the rainy weather is bringing with it a cold draft and it’s been quite chilly, but we know that the sun is coming to warm us up soon.