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We’ve been having a rainy season here in Japan and almost every other day we’ve had some sort of freak rain. It’s totally unpredictable. Even the weather reports have been getting it wrong a lot. It’s been keeping me on my toes. One min. the sky is shiny bright (I go and hang up my laundry) and the next its pouring rain (Argh! there goes my laundry). ha.

The kids can’t play out side as much either when it rains. But occasionally I will let give in to their pleas and will let them go out to play in the rain for a bit. They both like that a lot, but it is a bit of a challenge for me.

The whole time I have to chase Sean around with the umbrella, which isn’t too bad since he doesn’t move around too much and I am also constantly telling Kayden to hold his umbrella over his head, but it doesn’t do much good. When he is holding his umbrella it is usually some sort of weapon in his make believe world, or it is completely forgotten. Both of my sons don’t mind getting wet in the rain, and in fact think it is great fun. By the time we go back inside they are usually pretty wet.  But since the weather is a bit warmer I let them play in the rain a bit and we have fun.

We’re enjoying the cool weather for now because soon the hot summer will be upon us. Actually we’re really looking forward to that as well. Kayden loves the water so we will probably be at the beach almost every day and I want Sean to get used to being in the water. Right now, even though he loves to play with water, he is hesitant about getting in the water completely. But we’ll be doing a lot of that once the weather warms up. It’ll be fun!