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Another action filled week has rushed by. I’ve been doing a few art projects recently that have prevented me from posting as much as I like on my blog. I really love my work though and I wanted to give you all a little sneak peak into the art I have recently created. I will write a full posts on these projects later, but for now you can enjoy the work in progress photos. These are two separate projects I am currently working on.

Art for a new kids card game – Monsters Under My Bed

Illustrations for a children’s story –  The Kingdom of Vog

Aside from just my work, my wife’s work is also getting picking up more. She has more private English teaching jobs along with her regular teaching job which has kept her quite busy and which in turn has given me more time with the children.

Here are some of the more notable occasions in my week with my sweet children.

Kayden’s Japanese is improving by leaps. He really wants to communicate more with the children we meet at the park and he is much more into his Japanese schooling then ever before. This is a great thing since he may soon join both a swimming club and a soccer club and he will need to be able to listen to the coach as well as communicate with the other children he will be with.

He has also been learning to read the clock. So far we have gotten down the o’clock and thirty down really well and we are beginning on learning the fifteen and fourty-five now. I got a pretty neat iPad app to teach Kayden and it’s really helped him a lot. Giggle Up – Interactive Telling Time

We have also begun studying about decay and have begun  an experiment with different objects and we are studying them daily to see how the change and decompose. We chose a banana, a leaf of Chinese cabbage, a flower and just for the fun of it a rock and one of his toys. Kayden got very interested in decay after watching a song on youtube from the kids show “Sid the Science Kid”. In the video the teacher sings a song to her class all about decay and how things decompose and eventually become nutrients for trees and other plants. Here is the link to the video if any of you are interested in watching it. LINK

Sean has also been making amazing improvements in his education as well. He has learned to sing the ABC song and has begun to recognize the sounds of the letters as well. Example: if I say “A” says… he will answer “aaaaaa” or “B” says… and he will answer “buh” etc. He is using many more words and is starting to sing all his favorite songs. I will have to video it and post it someday. It is way to cute.

Sean’s love for soccer has not diminished either and Sean and I kick the ball around together almost every day. It’s his new favorite thing. Throwing things is still his favorite and I still practice catch ball with him. He can’t catch the ball yet, but he has great control in where he throws the ball. And he throws quite hard too, which is a problem when he wants to throw something in the house. I am now teaching him when and what is alright to throw which is proving a bit of a challenge for me. ha!

And this Saturday we all went to the zoo! hurray!

The weather forecast was set on clouds and rain, but it turned out to be very enjoyable weather. No rain, some clouds, but it was nice and cool.

The kids enjoyed the zoo very much. Here are some pictures of our little excursion.

They had a funny section in the zoo where you can have your children play in an animal cage and on the outside of the cage it has this sign…

roughly translated it reads.

People – Homo Sapiens

Prefer to live in peace, they live in groups helping and supporting each other. However they are also a dangerous animal with the power to destroy all other living things.

Kayden really enjoyed this place. I think it may even have been his favorite place at the zoo that day. I wanted to leave him there, as I know he would be well cared for, but Mommy forced me to take him back. he he!

And we continued our trek through the animal kingdom.

In the big cat section we got quite a show from the animals. I don’t know if it was mating season or what, but the jaguars and the pumas were getting quite frisky. My kids didn’t think much of it and were wondering why all the adults were laughing so hard. I think they just thought that they were wrestling or something. hahaha.

We went to the petting part of the zoo next. Kayden and Sean got to hold and pet the little animals. Kayden really loved the little chicks and had such a content smile on his face…I wish I could say the same thing for the little baby birdie.

After asking Kayden about it later he said that his favorite animal was the alligator. I also enjoyed this place very much. I find reptiles very fascinating.

To end our fun day at the zoo Kayden and Mommy went to ride on the Merry-go-Round.

We all had a wonderful time there at the zoo. The kids enjoyed themselves and I have to admit that I too enjoyed myself quite a lot.

Now the new week has begun and I must continue working. Thank you for all who are reading and following my blog. I hope to draw more comics soon to keep you all entertained. Cheers!