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Sean is so grumpy when he wakes up from his nap. I know that this is a very common occurrence with most parents, but I was pretty used to my eldest son Kayden who is the most cheery little boy when he wakes up.

When Kayden was young and he took naps he would wake up so excited about playing again. He would have a big smile plastered to his face and immediately jump out of bed.

Sean on the other hand lounges in the bed for awhile and rolls around then starts crying and being all grumpy. It takes about 20 min before he is back to his normal happy self.

I found a solution to easing him into the afternoon though. I have to lay in the bed with him and talk quietly about all the fun things we will do in the afternoon and the yummy snack he can eat when he gets out of bed. I have to do this for at least 15 min. Then he quietly crawls into my arms, still very serious, and I can put him on the potty then carry him around for another 15 min or so and then he is happy again. No crying.

But of course it doesn’t always work out that way. And on the days I am too busy to give Sean the big wake up treatment (Usually because I’m in the middle of teaching Kayden his school at that time) he is a real grumble bumble bee.

Oh well. Evey child is different and that is what makes them special.

Here is a bonus picture of baby Kayden getting out of bed. We usually had to try and catch him to get his clothes on since he would run right out of bed and start playing. haha