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Kayden has been facing a little problem at mealtimes recently. If the food isn’t really to his liking he will take ages, eons, century’s to finish his food. He will sit and talk and laugh and stare into space…basically anything, but eat.

I always ask him before meals how much he feels he can eat for that meal and of course it depends on the meal. If it is something he likes he will say he is really hungry and if it is something he is not too keen on he will say that he is full and can’t eat very much.

Even if the food is something that is not his favorite I still make him eat a little and then I may reward his efforts with a little fruit after or a small snack.

Recently he told me (while in the middle of trying to finish his plate of dinner), “Daddy it’s such a problem. I’m always hungry for snack and never hungry for dinner.” hahaha

Takes me back to when I was a kid and I always used to say that kind of stuff. I would say I was so full because I drank too much water or something and then when dessert came around I would say that I went to the bathroom and now I had lots of room. hehe

Kayden is actually very good during mealtimes and even if it takes a little longer he always finishes his food. And his dislikes are very few compared to Sean (my second son). It’s just a small bump he’s facing at the moment.