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I was just wondering how people must really see your kid. I know that my sense of judgement is way off with my kids. I think of them as just the cutest in the whole world, but I’m sure other parents see their kids as the cutest in the whole world too. I see other cute kids and I think they are cute, but still my kids are the cutest. It’s just the way it is.

Then I was wondering who would think my kids are cuter then my wife and I ever could and only one word came to me…Grandma. To Grandma I’m sure my kids are not even human. They probably look like angels to her. Little angels who are always sparkling and every word from their mouths is a little lullaby.

Grandmas are special people. They see almost all your child’s good points and almost none of the bad. Every time Grandma comes over it’s like a big Christmas and Birthday Celebration for the kids. They love her so much and boy oh boy how she loves them. She calls almost every day just to hear their voice. ha!