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So I just celebrated my birthday with my lovely wife and children. Nothing fancy, but my wife went the extra mile to make me feel loved. She is really something.

A big thank you to anybody who wrote or called me on my birthday it made me feel loved. I think I will have an awesome year since many people wished it for me. Cheers!

This whole week has been actually quite tough. I think I had hit a big low in my mood and I wasn’t as happy and focused as I should be, but after yesterday and today I feel great and ready to take on the next week.

Kayden’s swimming lessons ended this week. He did really well, learned a lot and enjoyed himself a lot. We are going to put him in another swimming course next month. To celebrate we bought a little ice cream and he also got a nice little certificate from the swimming class. yeah!

Also this week, I took Kayden to a free trial lesson of a soccer club we are thinking of sending him too. It’s a very small club and nothing fancy, but it seems a good place for Kayden to lean the basics of soccer and to pick up some more Japanese. Kayden was actually quite lost during the whole lesson. He was so eager to kick the ball that he sometimes wouldn’t listen to what the coach was trying to tell him. The truth is neither Kayden or I were expecting for him to play that day. We thought we were just going to check it out and watch how it works etc. But Kayden was thrown right into the practice and the drills. Of course Kayden is not one to shy away from challenges and he really gave it his all. And at the end I talked to the coach and he said that he liked Kayden’s enthusiasm. He told me that when Kayden learned to listen to his instructions and to follow along he thinks he will be a very good player. He says most kids are more timid on their first day, but Kayden was qutie bold and wild. hahaha

One funny incident that happened during the lesson. One of the drills was that the older kids would run down the field with the ball and the younger children (Kayden’s group) would try to defend or steal the ball from the older child. This practice gave the older children training in foot work and the younger children the training in defense. Anyway, if the older child kicked it into the goal the younger children were supposed to stop defending (obviously) and run back to the coach and await their next turn. However Kayden would constantly chase the older kid even after he got the goal and was running back to take his place in line behind the other older children. He would chase him and try to grab the ball away from him. hahahaha.

It was a little embarrassing and the older children were kind of confused as to what Kayden was doing. But I admired Kayden for not being afraid and for going for it with all his heart even id he did kind of misinterpret what the coach told him to do. haha

Kayden is still quite interested in going again. He really likes to move his body and he likes to play with other children so I think we might enroll him. We’ll see. I couldn’t take any pictures as I had to chase Sean all around the park that day.

Another interesting development in Kayden’s sports life is that he has gotten really into basket ball. We found an abandoned basket ball and Kayden has been practicing dribbling the ball every day now. I think he is more into basket ball then soccer, but I doubt there are any basket ball clubs for kids anywhere near here. But basket ball was my favorite sport, even though I am soooo short, and I’m kind of happy Kayden likes it too. Maybe he and I can play together soon.

Today the kids, my wife and I went to a very cool park. It had a vary big jungle gym like thing in the shape of a big shipwrecked boat.

I can not describe Kayden’s reaction when he saw this ship. He was just flipping out. Sean just said “wow!”

We ate a delicious picnic, that my wife prepared, before we started playing. The weather was just perfect and the view of the ocean was fantastic.

After meal time was done it was off to play…on the boat!

There were also these fun igloo shaped jungle gym that the kids had a lot of fun with. The whole thing was covered with net so the kids could climb up it and inside was kind of  like a mini maze. I even had a lot of fun chasing my kids around.

But the highlight of the day for the children was definitely the water hole. Kids just love to splash and get wet. Especially on a hot day there is probably nothing better.

One very nice thing about this park is that they covered the ground with very nice sand. It was very comfortable to walk on without your shoes. A lot of people around were making sandcastles it was quite fun. I took a picture of the best one I saw.

All too soon it was time to head home. Sean gave a good bye kiss to one of the little statues promising that he would return soon! So that was the end of my week. I’m one year older and I’m looking forward to all that life has to offer me now. Cheers and goodnight to you all.