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The eclipse was yesterday and we would have had an awesome view. We live very close to the beach! All we had to do was wake up get our special glasses that we had bought a week before and trot a couple of steps to the seawall and view a magnificent solar eclipse that will only occur again in 18 years. But…nooooooooo!

There was one silly little cloud sitting right in front of the eclipse obscuring our view. So we just sat there hopping it would go away or part just enough for us to see it, but it stayed. The real bummer part was that we knew if we were just an hour or so away from where we were we could probably see it with out a problem.

Kayden was quite let down since we hyped it up quite a bit for him. He was doing his best to get the cloud to move. He asked it nicely, then a little loudly, soon he was yelling at the cloud to move. I think I was doing the same thing in my mind. Poor thing.

Sean on the other hand was just looking out at the beach and was trying his hardest to find a way to get down there. Every now and then he would make a dash for it and try to run away from us and get down to the waves splashing up on the sand. hahaha! At least he was disappointed about something entirely different when we had to all go in and have our breakfast.

Oh well…that sucked.