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Some days I really don’t have it. And by “it” I mean the ability to draw well. Some days I really feel like I can draw a master piece, you know, I feel the creative juices in my body zooming and then I draw something and it is so bad. I feel so let down.

I’ve been having a bit of that recently. Kind of a dry artist spell coming on. I have to really concentrate and draw multiple sketches to come up with anything nice or even presentable. grrrr.

Oh well I know it will come back I just have to wait for it. I’m doing a lot of commission art work recently and maybe my brain is interpreting art as work… and who likes work?

People always say your work should be something you love to do, but I think that once you think of that thing as work you lose a lot of your love for it. So I think I just need to remind myself how much I love to draw. I need to draw more personal art, art that is just for me.

BTW the picture on the top right of my comic is a piece I did in 2006. I really like it still. Here is the full picture

If you would like to see more of my art visit my Deviant art page here.

Now nothing left to do but wait for the inspiration and talent to hit me. Anytime now will do.