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Today was a big day for my son. Kayden swallowed his fear, took the plunge and learned how to ride his bike with out his training wheels. Woot woot!

Of course Getting on and getting off his bike is still less then graceful, to say the least, but still it’s a big step for Kayden.

Three cheers for Kayden.

Ok now here are some other highlights from this week.
Yesterday (Sun 20th) we went to see a flight show. We had to wake up a little earlier then usual to try and find a good parking space

from where we could watch the airplanes. At the show there were big jet plains and little propeller planes flying in formation an doing spins and other special tricks in the air. We got a good spot with a great view and the planes would fly right above us.

There was only one small problem, however, both of our kids were not into it much. (Ok so it was kind of a big problem)

Sean was freaked out because the planes would fly pretty close to us and the engine noise was quite loud. He was quite brave and tried his best not to cry, but he was quite scared.

So Mommy and Sean took cover in the car and tried to enjoy the show from in there.

Kayden was the big surprise for us. we expected him to enjoy the show, but…no. He was more into throwing dirt into the rice fields and trying to find some more snacks to munch on. Oh well! So we left the show a little earlier the we had expected too.

We went to the park and played soccer with the new ball we bought for the kids. We are considering sending Kayden to a soccer club so we want him to practice as much as possible on his own to see if he is really into it. He seems to really want to play the game. And not only Kayden, but Sean as well. He really loved the big ball and was trying to steal it from Kayden every chance he got. They both look quite adorable playing together. After Kayden got bored of playing with the ball, Sean continued kicking the ball around the park for the rest of the time out. Sean has so much focus when he finds something he is interested in.

After getting the kids home and eating lunch I put Sean down for a little nap.  I think I was just as tired as Sean, because I fell asleep with him right on the couch. Mommy had a private English class so I had the two kids, but after the class was done she came and found me sleeping and snapped this shot. We look so peaceful.

It was a nice lazy kind of day with my wife andkids and we really enjoyed it.

All through out last week was weather was sunny and we got to spend a lot of time out doors. Also there are a multitude of flowers blooming all over the place and it is really beautiful. Here are some photos I took last week.

We also bought a pinwheel which is a lot of fun for the kids. Kayden especially really liked it and when I stuck it on his bike he was just thrilled. ha!

(the above photos were touched up with instagram)

Another special highlight was last weeks Sun. (13th) was mothers day. The kids and I took Mommy out to eat at a restaurant. We were able to thank her for all the good things and the hard work she does for us all.  We really love you Mommy! You are the best.

The day before that (Sat. 12th) We had a little show with a English learning group near by. I dressed up as a clown and played games with the kids and we even performed a small magic show which the kids really liked. It was a fun simple event and the my kids enjoyed it as much as all the other children there.

So I guess I gave you my highlights a bit backward in chronology, but they were all wonderful moments for me. I wish I could have more time to write a post like this every day and get into more details, but I’ve been kind of busy so this will have to do.

Have a nice night…day! I’m signing off. Cheers.