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Some of you have also probably experienced a weird internet phenomenon like this one time or another, but this is a first time for me. My views just spiked like a mad porcupine on steroids.

Was quite shocked when I checked to see my views and it looked like the above. Kind of cool! ha!

One bad thing though…it makes all your other days posting look really really pathetic. And it will continue to look like that until that freak spike disappears into the far left of the screen. Until then you will have this giant tower that looks like it belongs in Dubai sticking high above your regular days taunting you to make it up there just once more. Who knows…freaky things happen sometimes and maybe this is not a fluke and I will from this point on have over 500 views a day!

hahahah! Yeah right. Keep dreaming.

Just going to enjoy that tower since I doubt I’ll be seeing another in awhile.