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A funny story. One day Kayden saw some cookies and he really wanted it. I think his mind was totally absorbed in getting those cookies in his belly, because he started flipping out. Jumping up and down spinning around.

I told him he needed to sit down and ask nicely if he wanted to get a cookie. So he calmed down enough to sit down and said “can I have it now, give it to me! I’m sooooooooo hungry!” I told him if he wanted something that there was a proper way to ask. Now of course we have already taught him all about “please” and “thank you”, but in that moment those were the farthest words from his mind. So I said say the magic word that you can use when you want something.

He was still really puzzled for some reason. “It starts with the letter ‘P’! Hello!”. He was still puzzled. So I started sounding out the letter “P” for him. puh puh puh!

He looked at me funny and said…”Puppies?”


Maybe I should have added the “L” to the “P” and said “pl” and he may have got it. Still I had a good laugh and I told Kayden that the correct word was “Please” and he kind of shrugged, rolled his eyes and asked “Please give me a cookie!”

At least this whole incident had him calmed down and he ate his cookie in peace.