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Sean is really starting to like playing games and interacting with me. I’ve been play a game with him where I sneak up behind him and say “Ba!” (Which is pretty much saying “Boo!” in Japanese) and Sean would laugh and run away. But I was always the instigator of this game and have always been the one chasing him. Now however Sean has started coming up to me at random times during the day and grabbing my legs and saying “BA!”

I pretend to be scared and he goes into hysterical fits of laughter. So cute!

He’s been a lot more playful lately and will get angry if I walk out the door when he thinks it is time to play. He will run and grab me and try to push me back into the room to keep playing. He does this even when Mommy is playing with him and I need to go to work, which is kind of a problem. If I tell him, “Sorry! Daddy needs to go work now” and I leave, the little hulk emerges and he has a little fit that needs tending too. Sigh!

But having your child be really excited to play with you is a wonderful feeling. Kayden was always like that, but Sean wanting to grab and play with me is kind of a new thing and I’m very happy.