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It’s quite hilarious (and sometimes a bit frustrating) reading with Kayden. He has a habit of looking at the picture and trying to guess what the words say based on what he sees.

I have to remind him several times through out our reading to look at the words instead of the picture when trying to read. Of course I let him look at the picture first and I ask him what he sees and what he thinks is happening, then I point to the word and ask him to sound out the letters, but somehow his eyes always go back to the picture and he starts making up what he thinks the words are saying.

It has come to the point that I have to cover the pictures all together to get him to read! ha! Hopefully we can get past this little bump in our reading time.

It is quite funny though, what he comes up with when looking at the pictures. The sentence he needs to read can be as simple as, “They all smiled.” and he will start yammering about everything that is happening in the picture. “They were happy as they looked at the funny dog and his red collar and the dog smiled because everybody was happy with him! And the little dog was happy too, because he had some food.”