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Here is a little art I quickly drew up (threw up?) in the small bit of personal time I had. It’s a bit messy and not as clean as I’d like, but I think it is quite beautiful. The concept of the piece is quite random. I don’t think anybody who first glances at this photo will think it has anything at all to do with mothers. haha

The pink tree is supposed to be the mother tree and the other big tree is the father tree and those are two little saplings representing children (my two sons to be exact)

Like I said…totally random concept.

Any ways here is to all Mothers who work tirelessly to provide the best for their children in whatever way possible. Becoming a mother is not about having a child, it’s about changing your whole life around to care for and nurture him/her. Its about setting aside your personal wants and needs and placing the needs and wants of your children in front of your own. Not an easy thing to do! So if you have accomplished this amazing self sacrificing feat, then this day is for you. I hope that your children (or husband or whoever) pays special attention to you and makes you feel like all the work you do was worth it. I hope all you mothers get a little spoiled on this special day.

Cheers to all the hard working mothers…and Grandmothers too.