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Aside from one freak cloud burst in the middle of the day, yesterday was beautiful and warm.

The day started out a little rough with the kids being a bit grumpy. Nothing a bit of sunshine can’t take care of, I thought to myself. And I was right. After we went out to the park their moods did a 90 degree turn around.

Flowers were blooming everywhere painting the scenery with wonderful colors and the sky was as blue as the … sky.

Kayden had brought some badminton rackets and wanted to try playing. He was so serious about it. He concentrated so hard that I was wondering if he was having any fun at all. hahaha

I had to take a picture of him.

Looks like an overly competitive athlete. haha! I love it.

We found a Frisbee a bit later, but that didn’t change his countenance much. He got just as serious in learning how to throw the Frisbee as he did with the badminton. It’s just the way he is. I’m glad he takes learning things seriously.

After he finally got throwing the Frisbee down, he went charging into a make believe world of super hero with his super beam. haha (I wonder if that was how Captain America was thought up?)

While Kayden was playing…sorry, not playing…working to save the world with his super Frisbee, Sean was running around in utter delight. You see, that morning all he wanted to do was get out of the house. He literally couldn’t wait and was quite miserable doing all the prep it takes to go out (putting some outside clothes on, putting on the shoes etc). So when he was finally outside he was just beaming. I’m was so happy for him.

We all went back home with smiles on our faces. It was a nice time we spent together.

That after noon Kayden had swimming lesson to attend.

He is really enjoying his swimming lessons and couldn’t wait to get there. He was skipping around and was real excited. ha

On the way to the swimming class we stopped by the planetarium and bought some special glasses that we will use to view the eclipse that will be visible on the 21st of this month. We will have an excellent view since the sun comes up right over the ocean near our house. Exciting!

While Kayden was at his swimming club, Sean and I went walking around in the beautiful sunshine. I found a patch of morning glories and stopped to take a few photos.

Unfortunately they were growing very near the ocean so the salt water had killed a bit of the leaves turning them brown. But it was still beautiful.

I also got some nice shots of Sean. He is way too cute!

So that is pretty much how our day went. I wanted to share these beautiful pictures and the memories that I had of the other day. It was such a nice warm day. I hope today will bring me the same amount of joy I felt yesterday.

Actually today I have some paper work that needs to be attended to so I doubt it will be as wonderful, but who knows.

Cheers everyone.