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Occasionally my sweet wife will text me when she is out for work. Her notes are not only sweet, but they are usually riddled with little happy emoticons through out. Seeing a note from my wife really brightens my day.

However when I write her back I text like a man and just get to the point. “I love you too” or “thanks for the note baby” or “Oh! so sweet”

I don’t put in little emoticons and extra lines of flowery love and passion. Main reason is…I’m just writing what I’m thinking out loud. Second reason…I have one of those older cell phones that have actual buttons! Not one of those smart phones with a touch screen where you can type a bunch of words easily and quickly. NO! My phone has only 10 buttons for letters! Which means that on the first button you have the letters ABC and the next button has DEF and so on! So to get to the letter “b” for example I have to press the first button twice! just to get that letter. And even more annoying is if you have a word with 2 or more letters on the same button. You would have to first get the letter you wanted and then push the move forward arrow key so that you can use the same button again to get the next letter. for example…CAB! to write the word CAB I would need to push on little buttons a total of 8 TIMES!!!

So to write a simple message for me takes about a hundred years. When I start out writing my wife a reply I’m full of appreciation, but by the time I’m done writing out my sentence I feel like I’ve made it up to her and she should be thankful that I took that hundred thousand years out of my life to text her back.

LOL! Of course even if in my mind it took a billion years to my wife (or probably any woman) it looks like a short, cold and unfeeling response. Like a cold machine chucking back cliche answers to a heart felt and emotional out cry.

So now I’m striving to write more then one sentence when I write her back and I’m sticking in those yellow faces of magic that help my wife visualize the utter ecstatic feelings in my heart when I read her note.

haha! Seriously though I do love my wife’s notes to me and if my notes make her just as happy then I think that it is worth the time spent.