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Recently this problem has been getting better, however Sean still runs away when you call him back quite often.

He really likes to be alone and will just kind of wander away from you when you are not looking. And on top of all that he seems to be attracted to the more dangerous places like roads, the seawall and if we are at the park then he heads toward the children swinging.

Really does a number on your nerves I’ll tell you that. I’m trying to teach Sean he can’t run off without Daddy next to him and I don’t like to go chasing him everywhere so I’m trying to teach him to come back when Daddy calls. He actually has made a lot of progress in this area, but I still think there is quite a -ways to go still. So till that day when he learns what is safe and unsafe I will continue to lose hair and be the stressed out guardian angel that he needs me to be.