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On May 1st we took the kids to a museum that is part of the nuclear power plant near to our area. It is a museum about how energy is created. The nuclear power plant is shut down now due to the problem that this country is facing with the radiation that is being emitted from the ruined nuclear power plant in Fukushima.

I thought it would be interesting to go to the museum and try to learn more about how the nuclear energy is made and harnessed. It was a very nice museum and although I didn’t really learn more then I already knew it was still pretty fun for the kids. They explain not only about how nuclear energy is created, but about other ways in which energy is harvested through giant wind mills or dams etc.

At this museum they had a special planetarium where they showed special documentaries. They were featuring one documentary about dolphins and another about dinosaurs. Kayden wanted to watch the one about the dolphins, but we missed it so we settled with the dinosaur documentary. Since it was shown in a planetarium the screen is all around you and it is quite a intense experience, for Sean especially.  The documentary had lots of Volcanoes and Meteor scenes which could be quite scary for small children. However Sean only got a bit freaked out in the very beginning when it showed a giant T-Rex and that was only because he wasn’t prepared. The rest of the film he was totally fine and looked like he even enjoyed it.

May 2nd was a real wet and rainy day so the kids stayed inside and played with their toys. Well they did have quite a few big outings in the days previous so it was a nice change.

Later that day we put the kids rain coats on and went outside to splash in the puddles a bit. Recently Kayden watched a kids documentary all about rain and in this documentary it shows kids going out in the rain and splashing in puddles and feeling the earth turn to mud etc. Kayden really wanted to try this and since it was a rainy day and Mommy was home we thought that this was as good a time as any.

After that we had a good shower and splashed around some more. It was quite a wet watery day.

May 3rd was the day we had waited for, for quite some. It was the day that my Mommy (Kayden and Sean’s “Obachan”) and my youngest brother were coming to visit. My brother Koji, who is 8 years old, had asked several times since we moved if he could come visit, however since we live so far it had not been possible until now. So Koji and Kayden were super excited to see each other again. I come from a family of 8 children and I am the second oldest. It’s kind of funny that my younger brother can almost be the same age as my son. My son Kayden and my brother Koji get along very well and have so much fun together.

Due to the holiday traffic it took much longer than expected for them to arrive. What was supposed to be a 3 hour trip ended up being a 6 hour trip, but they finally arrived at around 3:00 in the after noon.

We took my mother and brother to a nearby museum and planetarium. Kayden has been to this place many times so it was fun for him to show Koji all the different things that you could do there.

Obachan (which is the Japanese way to say Grandma) took Sean around. She really enjoyed see all that he could do. The last time my mother saw Sean he was still just starting to walk so she was quite pleased to see him run around and play with all the different toys that were there.

After playing downstairs for quite a while we went upstairs to the roof where we were able to see the beautiful view of the ocean. The kids then played chase for awhile.

After this we watched a fun video all about stars and constellations in the big planetarium…we’ve been going to a lot of planetariums these past few days.

Soon on may 21st there will be a lunar eclipse that will be visible in most of Japan so they were really advertising that. I really hope we get to see it. Apparently if we miss it this time we will have to wait 18 years before one will be seen in Japan again.

For dinner we all went out and ate at McDonald’s. Fancy!

May 4th the kids were up super early…I should have been expecting that. They were so excited about the day and all that they were going to do. We decided to take them to the park we had just gone too with Grandma (Mommy’s mom) and ride the boats again.

It was a lovely weather. The weather report had said it would be raining almost all week long, but then it changed and we had sun all the time that my mom was here. Hurrah!

The kids enjoyed the park immensely. We rode the boats, played at the park, listened to the street performers and ate some yummy snacks. It was a very sunny day, but it wasn’t too hot just yet either. Perfect weather to be outside.

After getting home we had a nice barbeque with friends. Then after we finished eating the kids got to play with some sparklers. They ended the day with watching a fun movie together.

May 5th we had to say good bye to my mom and my brother koji. It was such a short visit, but it was a very fun one. Hopefully we can see them again this summer.

After my mom and brother went home we went to a beautiful beach to spend the rest of the day.

Though we had fun at the beach there were some unpleasant moments. For one it was quite windy and whenever the wind would blow hard it would whip sand through the air. It is quite painful when a bunch of sand is whipped onto you. I only had bare legs and it hurt a bit, but Sean and Kayden were in their bathing suits! Kayden didn’t seem to mind much at all, but Sean had a real fit about it. We of course put his clothes back on, but the damage had been done and he was quite a grump from then on. Kayden enjoyed the beach very much and loved jumping around in the waves. Then Kayden and I built a sand castle together. Then something totally unexpected happened. We had our little picnic mat set up quite a ways away from where the waves were splashing, but we weren’t far enough. One freak wave came crashing in land way beyond where the waves were crashing just a second  ago. It got everything on our picnic mat wet and covered with wet sand. Our towels, picnic, clothes! Not nice. But my wife and I were still able to laugh about it as we cleaned up. Sean who already a grump didn’t find this funny in the least. He was real upset about this new surprise. Ha! I guess sean is not much of a beach boy. Kayden too was a little disturbed that the wave came crashing in. It had ruined his sand castle and his piece of chocolate cake he was hopping to eat later. But after seeing my wife and I laughing about it he cheered up. At least I got some nice photos out of this little adventure to the beach and hopefully next time will be a bit more relaxing.

A miniature statue of liberty on the beach

That night (last night) the super Moon was out and it was quite beautiful and huge. We took the kids out and stared up at it. It was a nice way to end the golden week.

Today my wife had English classes so everything is kind of back to normal. The Golden week is over and its time to get back to business. It was so much fun and I really enjoyed the time with my wife, family and friends.

I’m sure I’ll have some more fun and challenges awaiting me tomorrow so I’d better get some sleep.

Cheers to all. Good night.