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It is finally 2 months and 50 comics. A big thank you to all of you for reading and commenting on my blog. It has been a great way for me to see my life and time with the kids in a positive and fun way. It has also helped me get creative and to practice my artistic talent. Through this blog I have also been able to read all of your blogs which has been interesting, entertaining and sometimes informative. Thank you.

Here are my blog stats so far.

I’ve posted 99 posts counting this one

I have 75 people following my blog.

I have had 3,750 views all-time.

still 159 views on my busiest day.

1,758 views in March and 1,862 views in April

Top 5 Countries who viewed my blog

1636 all time views from Japan

1484 all time views from United States

209 all time views from United Kingdom

124 all time views from Canada

46 all time views from United Arab Emirates

5 Posts with most views

number 1: My Cute Wife

number 2: Why Wives must think their Husbands are Handicapped

number 3: About

number 4: Japanese Girls go Ga Ga

number 5: You are my Sunshine Award

Posts with most Likes

19 likes: Golden Week

18 likes: Skipping Stones

15 likes: Cookie just for you

15 likes: 1 month of doodledad

Thank you for all the likes and comments. Makes me very happy to see them and makes me feel like continuing with this blog.

The post with the most Comments

6 people commented: Birthday Art for my Sons

5 people commented: Skipping Stones

Special thanks to the top 5 commenters on my blog.

Alirthome: brilliant artist!

Viciously Sweet: Cute cartoons and posts about her life

Hansi: Draws some pretty trippy art on his blog.

Teamcleo: A devoted stay at home Mother of two!

Aaron the Ogre: could not find his blog…

Thank you for enjoying my posts enough to comment on them!

Well that’s it…

I’m hopping to continue this blog for a long time. Watching and caring for my kids is always a crazy, fun, sometimes stressful but always fulfilling job. You have to work hard to entertain kids, but they in turn always seem to entertain me and I just want to share all the fun and excitement with you all.

This next month I have quite a few art and designing projects to get done (that have nothing to do with my children) and so I have decided to only post 4 comics a week. I will post comics on Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday (Japan time). I wish I could draw more, but sometime life just gets in the way and you have to deal with it.

Well those are my stats. Thanks again and happy blogging to you all.