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It’s been a very busy week. Grandma came over for a visit again from the 23rd of April. We were all very excited to see her, but Kayden was especially happy. He helped prepare Grandmas bedding and cleaned the room with me.

We went to pick her up from the highway bus at 7:30 that night. Grandma had brought some gifts from Kayden’s friends. They wanted to give the presents to Kayden and Sean for their birthdays, but since they live a bit far away, they gave it to Grandma to bring to us. It was very nice and it was like a birthday all over again for my kids. Kayden got a truck and a sleek car and Sean got a cool airplane. So nice!

For the next few days Grandma said that she wanted to spend as much time with the kids as she could, which was wonderful since I needed to get a bunch of work done. I had a brochure that I needed to lay out and I needed to get it done in a very short amount of time. Thanks to Grandma taking the kids I was able to make the deadline with out too much hassle.

Grandma and the kids went to all their favorite parks and had wonderful times together. Grandma even took Kayden to his swimming classes, and Kayden was real proud to show Grandma all he had learned so far. Kayden and Sean also slept in Grandmas room almost every night which was real nice for my wife and I!

One night Grandma even put them to sleep so that my wife and I could go and spend the evening at a restaurant together. It was a very nice and relaxing time and my wife and I were able to talk and laugh together without having to worry about our two children at all.

Then Saturday came along and marked the beginning of “golden week”!

We all decided to go out and spend a day at a beautiful park that has big slides, obstacle courses and best of all…boats!

This park has a lovely little lake where you can ride peddle boats with all sorts of funny shapes. Some boats were shaped like swans and others like panda bears or koalas. Kayden really wanted to ride the one that looked like an airplane without wings. Though it was a real crowded day at the park we got our boat with out much problem…everybody else seemed to be into the animals.

It was very nice…and a major leg work out. I don’t exercise my legs very often so i was wiped out by the end of the ride. We let Kayden steer and it was interesting to see where he would go and how he would handle difficult situations. For instance at one point he spaced out and we started heading for another boat that was coming from the opposite direction. We told Kayden to look ahead to see what was happening and like I expected he started panicking. However he calmed down quickly and assessed the situation and turned the handle just in time to miss the oncoming boat. It was a struggle for my wife and I to not grab the handle and turn it in the right direction too. Of course there was never any real danger as the boats have big bumpers and they go very slow.

After going on the boat we started walking toward the big long slides. The park looked very beautiful. There were lots of wisteria flowers in bloom and we took a lot of lovely pictures. Also they had strung up long line of big “Koi nobori” flags to celebrate the soon coming children’s day holiday.

There were also many street vendors selling interesting toys and jewelry etc.


These bugs are made of bamboo! Can you believe it? Very well made.

There was a man singing and playing a guitar and Grandma and the kids stopped to listen to his songs for awhile.

Kayden also got a free lollipop from one of the venders and he was overjoyed. My wife and I don’t really like to give lollipops or hard candy to our kids, but it was a special day so Kayden got to have his first lollipop.

We finally made it to the little playground (this park is quite big and it was quite a walk to get to the play ground from the boats) and the kids got to use up all the energy that they had.

After playing at the park for awhile we headed for the long slides. You have to climb a big hill and the slide is pretty fast. I slid down with sean a couple of times and he really enjoyed it.

While playing on the slides Kayden met with two other boys. My son and these two boys hit it off really well and started playing together for the rest of our time there. Kayden (4) was the youngest of the three (5, 7) so the two other boys took really good care of him they would let him slide first and wait for him when climbing up the big hill so that they could all slide together. They both thought Kayden was so funny and they were all laughing and giggling all the way up and all the way down the slides. It was really nice. Joanie and the Mom also had time to chat while the kids played and though they live a little bit far away, they both agreed that we should definitely meet up again.

After a big long day at the park it was time to go home.

The next day we had promised Kayden that we would go and eat dinner out at a sushi restaurant . He had been talking about it for quite a few days and since Grandma was here it was the perfect time.

Before going to the restaurant we went to a game center and let the kids play for awhile in the kids play area. It was a nice place with a ball pool, slides, toys and even dress up clothes.

Dressing Sean up in a dress…was mommy’s idea! hahaha

This is a toy that you push from the back and it creates the same shape in the front. The face and hands at the top is Mommy…then Kayden added an extra pair of hands and feet to create some kind of hellish looking monstrosity. Yikes!

There was even a massage chair for me to lounge in…except it turned out to be very painful.

Afterwards we did a few games with the kids. Kayden got to drive a bus simulation.

Sean wished he could drive too, but we didn’t pay any money and just let him turn the steering wheel for a bit and of course he didn’t know the difference.

We also played one of those toy grabbing crane games, except this was a small one and you fished little bouncing balls out of the water. We got a couple bouncing balls and a squeaky dolphin toy.

Finally it was off to have some sushi. It was very crowded, but we got in with out too much hassle and of course the food was delicious.

The next day (yesterday) Grandma left for home and we spent the rest of the day crying our eyes out…ha! Just kidding, but we really do miss her and all the fun we had. We hope that this summer we will be able to go and visit her and all our friends in her city.

We still have many more days of holidays and having Mommy with us. We hope to do more fun things with our kids. Like today we went to the museum of nuclear energy that is located near to a nuclear power plant located only about an hours drive from here. With all the horrible problems being caused by the power plant in Fukushima I was interested to know visit it. However I plan to write about it in a different post as I think this post is already toooooooooo looooooooooong.

Another good thing that will be happening is my Mom and My youngest brother will be visiting here day after tomorrow. We are all real excited about that. My younger brother is only a few years older than Kayden and they are both really looking forward to playing together.

So till my next post…Good night.